Game Tiles For BlackBerry 10

Update baru Game untuk BlackBerry ®10 ; Tiles! Update baru terdiri dari perbaikan bug dan kami telah memperbarui ikon sesuai Pedoman UI BlackBerry ® 10 . Tiles adalah permainan menantang yang akan membuat Anda sibuk selama berjam-jam. Tujuannya adalah untuk menghapus bidang lain dengan bergerak sedikit demi sedikit. Ubin Terhubung dengan warna yang sama akan dihapus dalam satu langkah. ubin yang berwarna sama akan terhapus. Rencanakan anda bergerak hati-hati.
Tiles kompatibel dengan perangkat BlackBerry ® Dev Alpha dan tersedia di Blackberry App World :

Download Tiles For BlackBerry 10

Inside BlackBerry


When you blog about BlackBerry devices, your family and friends automatically assume you’re a “tech guru” and know everything about every BlackBerry device ever created — not to mention how to program your grandparents’ VCR. You’re the person in the group who knows just a little more than everyone else, and now by default, you are the expert. That said, I do know a little something about BlackBerry apps.

A friend recently asked a question that prompted this post. He asked, “When should I update my apps, and when should I just ignore the “spark” (spark) prompting me to update?” I answered, “As soon as possible!” Here’s why:

  • Updates may improve app and device stability. If your app is experiencing periodic “crashes” or issues with a feature, the developer may be aware of it and may have fixed it in an updated release. Staying current may just solve…

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